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Tuesday, March 12, 2002
This week I am a very busy person. Like you know I need to go to school every day and I have night school every tuesdays & thursdays. Then I'm gonna start computer classes on saturdays & I'm going to come out in my bestfriend sweet 16 and I need time to practice for that too. I think that this week and month is the time tha I'm going to be very busy. But I like being occupied because then I dont need to baby-sit my brother and sister. I dont like to be just sitting around and not doing nothing and get in a pissy mood. But I dont know how I'm going to do this all this week cause I'm not used to it but hey I got to do it or else I wont get it my way
in my house. I have to do something good to get what I want that's how it goes down in my house. Well that's about it.

posted by Maria 9:17 AM